3 lesser-known European destinations to visit during Christmas

Europe is the most visited continent in the world (and for a good reason!) and while it has approximately the same amount of tourists all year round, Christmas is definitely the season that most visitors aim to spend there. Some of the most popular destinations during this time of the year include Paris, Bruxelles, and Budapest, all thanks to their amazing Christmas markets. Although they’re all great places to visit, there are some hidden gems and today we’ll talk about three of them that you should also consider when booking your next flight.

Brașov, Romania

When thinking of Romania, for most people the first association that comes to mind is Dracula, vampires, and Transilvanya, but few know that the city of Brașov located in the very heart of the country has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. With its breathtaking Gothic architecture, magnificent castles, including the famous Bran Castle, and majestuous mountains, this city is sure to be a memorable one. At the local Christmas market located in Piața Sfatului you can enjoy the traditional music, buy yourself some crafted goods such as wool knit socks or a ia, the national shirt embroidered with floral ornaments, and savor the delicious food such as homemade sausages, cabbage rolls with sour cream, and mulled wine. The Christmas market will be open from November 30th to January 3rd, just in time for you to visit the town and celebrate the holiday season.

Dublin, Ireland

The rainy capital of the Emerald Isle might not be at the very top of touristic destinations for the month of December, but this is exactly what makes it perfect for your next holiday vacation. Dublin is far less crowded than other European capital cities but the multitude of fairy lights and traditional elements such as food and folk music create a fairytale-like atmosphere. After all, where else can you visit a Christmas market located in a castle? One of the best aspects of the Irish Christmas market is its multicultural environment, which makes it easy for you to find food from almost every corner of the world, as they even sell tacos, burgers, and chimney cakes. While there, don’t forget to get an Irish sweater, one of the finest pieces of Irish craftsmanship.

You can get one from a local store or if you’re only traveling with a backpack and have very limited space, you can order an authentic merino wool Aran sweater online and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Larnaca, Cyprus

If the cold and snowy weather is not really your cup of tea and you’re looking forward to spending your Christmas holiday in a nice and warm place, we might have just the right place for you. Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations for summer holiday, thanks to its amazing beaches and luxurious hotels, but it doesn’t lose not even a bit of its charm during winter. With temperatures around 60 degrees, it is the perfect spot for those who want to see both Christmas trees and palm trees in the same place. Apart from the traditional market, this year Larnaca will also host a Christmas food market from December 17th to December 24th, where you can enjoy local sweets, seafood, as well as Lebanese food. As per the souvenirs, the Cypriots are well-known for their delicious halloumi cheese and olive oil, but if you can’t bring those, natural cosmetics are also highly recommended.